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Cut Back on Added Sugars
Work toward making every bite count by decreasing added sugars. Choose foods and beverages with less added sugars (or none at all) to increase nutrient density.
Dietary Guidelines - Consumer Brochure (Black & White)
Dine Out / Take Out
Making healthy eating choices even when you aren’t the one doing the cooking is possible! Use these tips when dining out or ordering takeout food.
Eat Healthy on a Budget
Save money on the foods that you eat. Plan before you shop, purchase the items at the best price, and prepare meals that stretch your food dollars.
Eat Healthy. Be Healthy. Save. - Dietary Guidelines
Enjoy Vegetarian Meals
Make every bite count -- choose plant foods that are rich in important nutrients. Enjoy a variety of vegetarian foods to meet your calorie and nutrient needs.
Focus on Whole Fruits
Explore the world of fruit – fresh, canned, frozen, or dried. Use these tips to include fruit in your day.
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