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Food Producers and Retailers

Food Producers and Retailers

As a key force in bringing food to the table, you play a unique role in communicating MyPlate and its messages to your audiences. No matter the sector—agriculture, manufacturing, promotion, sales or retail—members of the food industry are consumers, too. By encouraging others to start simple, MyPlate helps everyone make every bite count.

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Champion MyPlate

MyPlate is an easy to understand tool that’s all about choosing foods for a lifetime of good health. MyPlate reflects the latest Dietary Guidelines and aligning with MyPlate shows that your organization values good nutrition for all. You can partner with MyPlate in several ways and become part of the public-private partnership simply by using and sharing MyPlate messages.

Garner support within your organization by demonstrating how MyPlate messages apply to your products, promotions, services and target audiences. The five food groups include a wide array of foods, and MyPlate offers tools, activities and materials adaptable to people of all ages, life stages and cultures. The MyPlate graphic is available in 21 languages. Everyone—from customers to employees—can start simple and build a healthy eating routine using MyPlate. 

Share MyPlate messages and choose from a variety of free resources including print materials, graphics/ infographics, videos, recipes, and more.

Consumers Can Start Simple with MyPlate

Comida. Taeam. Canyin. Pagkain. Manje. Món ăn. No matter how you say it, food is food and we all eat! Your relationship with consumers makes you a familiar resource for providing information on healthy food choices. 

The MyPlate website is your one-stop shop for targeted, evidence-based consumer information. Visit the site regularly for current and new MyPlate materials.

MiPlato en español: There are many MyPlate materials available in Spanish — the MyPlate Quiz, the MyPlate Plan, tip sheets and printable resources, graphics, and more than 1,000 recipes in the MyPlate Kitchen.

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Amplify the MyPlate call to action—Start Simple with MyPlate—and share MyPlate resources to reinforce your organization’s healthy eating messages. 

  • Excite consumers by promoting the fun and easy MyPlate Quiz. Upon completion, they’ll get customized tips and resources for making healthy food choices. Consumers can sync their quiz results with the Start Simple with MyPlate app. With the app, they can set goals, join challenges, and earn badges. 
  • Encourage them to get their MyPlate Plan (also available in Spanish) to learn how much they personally need from each food group.
  • Challenge them to test their food group knowledge by taking the quick and fun food group quizzes.
  • Tailor messages and campaigns to consumers of nearly all ages and life stages.
  • Share the MyPlate graphic with your diverse audience by downloading the MyPlate graphic in 22 languages.
  • Stir up healthy culinary interest with recipes, videos, cookbooks and more in the MyPlate Kitchen
  • Reassure consumers that they can start and maintain a healthy eating routine on any budget.
  • Consider creating product promotions, contests and consumer communication pieces, such as blog and social media posts, newsletter articles and sales flyer blurbs, that incorporate MyPlate messagestips, and graphics.
  • Tag MyPlate-related posts with #StartSimplewithMyPlate, #MyPlate, or #DietaryGuidelines.

Connecting Customers and Employees to MyPlate

Employees and customers can benefit from MyPlate, too! Help them build healthy eating routines for a lifetime by sharing MyPlate tools and resources in customer and employee communications and networks.

Partner Up

Working together benefits all of us. More than 140 national companies, organizations, and associations have joined MyPlate as National Strategic Partners. Forging new alliances and collaborations with other MyPlate supporters helps to move initiatives forward, collaboratively create new materials, and spread MyPlate messages to a broader audience. 

  • Explore the ways you can partner with MyPlate, as well as with other MyPlate partners with similar or complementary products and services. 
  • Utilize materials developed by groups of MyPlate partners for specific audiences, such as parents and caregivers of infants and toddlers.
  • Link up with local organizations to help address food security issues using MyPlate resources to illustrate ways to spend less on healthy food.
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Shop Simple with MyPlate

Find savings in your area and discover new ways to prepare budget-friendly foods.

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Alexa Speakers and Devices

MyPlate on Alexa

Get MyPlate nutrition tips on Amazon Alexa devices or the free Alexa app.

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Start Simple with MyPlate App

Build healthy eating habits one goal at a time! Download the Start Simple with MyPlate app today.

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MyPlate.gov is based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025