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Vary Your Veggies

Vary Your Veggies

Eat a variety of vegetables. Use these tips to add more vegetables to your day.

Start your day with vegetables

Add leftover cooked vegetables to your omelet or breakfast wrap. Or, add spinach to a morning smoothie and enjoy a burst of flavor and nutrition!

Add variety to salads

Make your salad pop with color (and flavor) by including corn kernels, radish slices, or diced red onions. Include seasonal vegetables for variety throughout the year.

Try a stir-fry

Stir-fry vegetables like carrots, shredded cabbage, greens, and low-sodium jarred mushrooms for a quick meal. Add some tofu for a (possibly) new and different protein source.

Spruce up your sandwich

Add spinach or some thinly sliced sweet onions to your favorite sandwich or wrap for extra flavor and a spicy crunch.

Go for a dip or a dunk

Enjoy baked potato wedges, cucumber slices, or cauliflower pieces with a homemade Italian dressing or dunked into a low-fat dip or hummus.

Take vegetables on the go

Carry along some crunchy carrot, celery, or jicama sticks. A small container of cherry tomatoes or sugar snap peas also make an easy snack.

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