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Eat Healthy on a Budget

Eat Healthy on a Budget

Save money on the foods that you eat. Plan before you shop, purchase the items at the best price, and prepare meals that stretch your food dollars.

Plan, plan, plan

Plan your meals for the week based on your food budget and make a grocery list that includes staples and perishables. Save money by buying only what you need.

Compare similar products

Locate the “unit price” on the shelf sticker near the item price. Compare different brands and sizes for the best money-saving option.

Stretch your food dollars

Include meals like stews, casseroles, or soups that include beans and vegetables in your weekly routine. These can help “stretch” expensive items into more portions.

Plant your own

Grow herbs like basil and oregano at home for a fraction of the price. Small gardens can be grown on a windowsill or a kitchen counter.

Buy in bulk

Save money by buying larger quantities of foods that store well like whole grains, canned or dried beans, and frozen vegetables. Don’t overbuy foods that you will throw out later.

Look for on-sale produce

Grocery stores rotate their sales and buying what is on sale is a great way to save money and get variety. Do the same with frozen and canned items.

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