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Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping

Set yourself up for grocery shopping success by being prepared and having a strategy. Use these tips to help you make smart choices on your next trip to the store.

See what you already have

When starting your grocery list, take a look at the foods you already have in your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. Be sure to check “use by” dates.

Plan your weekly meals

Write down meals you want to make this week. Think of creative ways to use some of the items you already have together with some new ones.

Remember the basics

Don’t forget to include foods like fruits and vegetables, which may not be a part of a recipe but are great to have as snacks. Fresh, canned, frozen, dried, and dehydrated all count!

Keep organized for a quick exit

Finish your list by organizing needed items into groups, such as grocery sections or food groups. This helps to stay focused, buy only the items you need, and make a quick exit.

Look around for savings

Save more by using coupons, signing up for your store loyalty programs, buying foods on sale and in-season, or comparing brands and prices. Store brands are usually less expensive.

Read labels

Make the best choice for your needs by comparing nutrition and ingredient information by reading the food label or the Nutrition Facts label.

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